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In Part III of Tekkin Taiyou, the invisible roommate Christian Traylor greets us on film for the first time. As Bunny and Jon battle over the limits of personal space, a mysterious otaku girl with a Banjo-Kazooie obsession appears at the door with a lost passport.


Due to Christian's last minute freelance project, he asks Ryan to fill in for him and greet his friend Tej Singh, who's just arrived in Tokyo, at Takadanobaba. As Ryan took Tej with one of our film crews through the streets of Shinjuku, the second crew documented the bizarre events unfolding at the house that night.


By the end of our first 3-part series, our crew ultimately was left feeling like we have more questions than answers, but then that's life in Tokyo. There's always time to revisit this one of a kind group we've come to know, love, and fear.

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