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In Part V of Tekkin Taiyou, the world has changed and become isolated in the wake of the global pandemic. Ryo has decided to start live-streaming in hopes of becoming famous, Tej is searching for work, and Bunny is holding everything together though he's aware of something the others aren't.


At dinner, Bunny shares information with Tej and Ryo, that the self-proclaimed psychiatrist from Part II went missing and his associate has since given Bunny his file, including his diary. Bunny has Ryo read from the disturbing notes and they learn the "psychiatrist" left false clues to make the ChihasuKai believe the girl they are after is hiding in the Tekkin Taiyou house. Despite being concerned, Bunny suggests they not live in fear.


Accordingly, Ryo decided to focus livestream content on trying to help people through difficult times brought on by the pandemic. Late that night while Tej was teaching Bunny to skateboard, they took a break to tune in to Ryo's broadcast. The ending of Ryo's livestream had our film crew rushing back to the house with Tej and Bunny in hopes of preventing tragedy. The events of that night led to film crew members permanently leaving production over future concerns for their safety.

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