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In Part VI of Tekkin Taiyou, at a dimly lit table in a darkened house, Bunny and the newly returned Ryan have a talk about the preceding 2 years and the people who have influenced events leading to this point.


The next day, a reporter named Rebekah with contacts in the film crew arrives to interview Ryan on the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and return. To make sure a fight doesn't break out between Ryan and Tej, Bunny arranges for Chris, still sniffing out communists, to return to the house as a mediator. When it appears Rebekah is stoking the flames of chaos within the house, Bunny decides to send everyone home for the day.


Two months later, after assessing the subjects of our documentary, our film crew returned to the house as Christian likewise returned after finally regaining entry to Japan from his stay in the US. Upon uncovering a seemingly reformed Ryan and a plan Rebekah is in on, he convinces Bunny things can't be what they seem once Ryan and Rebekah leave the house together.


Bunny reveals to Christian he knows how to track all current and former members of the house. He then sets out to find Tej, who's interviewing with a start-up company, to assist him in locating Ryan and Rebekah after seeing they're headed to a "bad place". Using Chris to transport himself and Tej, Bunny races to find them before it's too late.

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